Twins : Breaking the internet one Instagram photo at a time.


Most men hear the word and cringe. 


Most women hear the word and cry.


When Beyoncé says it. It causes a whole different reaction.

At approximately 2pm EST, via Instagram, BeyoncĂ© announced to the world that Her and Her husband, JAY Z, are expecting twins. 

Talking about surprise announcements.

Some took to Twitter to congratulate The Carter’s on their new additions : 

I mean. We def needed some good news. 

Legendary is an understatement in my humble opinion. 

Others chimed in with baby names :

I’m all for Luke and Laia. I’m here for this.

Not to sure about that one but hey.

Not everyone was happy :

I agree with Hippie CountryGirl.

I hear the hive buzzing.

*silence* Welp. That escalated quickly.

But we had sonograms :


Grammy Family

All in all. We appreciate the cleverness.

So if you happen to be under a rock all afternoon and this is the first thing you see. 

Guess what :

All I can say is : 

Yeah, we just might be.