Twins : Breaking the internet one Instagram photo at a time.


Most men hear the word and cringe. 


Most women hear the word and cry.


When Beyoncé says it. It causes a whole different reaction.

At approximately 2pm EST, via Instagram, Beyoncé announced to the world that Her and Her husband, JAY Z, are expecting twins. 

Talking about surprise announcements.

Some took to Twitter to congratulate The Carter’s on their new additions : 

I mean. We def needed some good news. 

Legendary is an understatement in my humble opinion. 

Others chimed in with baby names :

I’m all for Luke and Laia. I’m here for this.

Not to sure about that one but hey.

Not everyone was happy :

I agree with Hippie CountryGirl.

I hear the hive buzzing.

*silence* Welp. That escalated quickly.

But we had sonograms :


Grammy Family

All in all. We appreciate the cleverness.

So if you happen to be under a rock all afternoon and this is the first thing you see. 

Guess what :

All I can say is : 

Yeah, we just might be.


Author: Kareem Robinson

Just a 80s baby with a dream. Bare with me as I get there. Born in NYC, Raised in Hip Hop. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram at : @PresidentRemo

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