The World… From My Eyes. 

‘Hov did that, so hopefully you wouldn’t have to go they that’ – JAY Z ‘Izzo ( Hova ) ‘ 

But did he go thru this? Did he see the things we are currently seeing?
I doubt even Nastrodamous could have seen this coming. A world where celebrities hold the highest office in our country, the President of the United States. I’m far from political, and I understand everyone makes mistakes, but this has to be the biggest blunder I’ve witnessed with or without corrective vision. 

It has only been 11 days, but the world as we know it has changed rapidly. Protest have been sparked for no other reason then the fact that the majority has finally disagreed with the electoral colleges decision on our future ‘leader’. 

And I’m using ‘leader’ very loosely.

President (sighs) Trump is our President. Whether we agree with or not. Record numbers in disapproval ratings only agree with the latter part of the previous statement. But as a country what is the answer? How can we spark change? Is there, if anything that we can do to reverse a decision it seems like millions of people worldwide disagree with?

The answers I don’t know as I type this. But I know I’ll have answers. Real answers.

I’m starting this blog not because I myself think change is in the foreseeable future. I’m starting this blog because everyone has a voice, an opinion. I’m just sharing mine on different topics ranging from Politics to Sports. From Music to Film to Everyday issues we encounter. 

Feel free to comment and leave your voice and opinions because like I said, we all want to be heard. 

Until we meet again… 


Author: Kareem Robinson

Just a 80s baby with a dream. Bare with me as I get there. Born in NYC, Raised in Hip Hop. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram at : @PresidentRemo

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